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What do these fragrances smell like? TOP

Scents available (with descriptions):

In Stock Scents

Ship Within 1-3 days, UNLESS a custom scent is combined in the same order. 

-Monkey Fart ---- fresh bananas and juicy grapefruit, middle notes of kiwi, juicy bubblegum, and strawberries; and a hint of vanilla

-Pink Sugar ---- fruity blend of cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel and raspberry jam

-Baby Bee ---- luscious fruits such as peaches, mandarin oranges, coconut pulp, bergamot, grapefruit, tropical guava, and tangy lemons

-Baby Bee Clean ---- citrus, honey floral with notes of toffee

-Clothespin ---- clean cotton just dried in a summer breeze


-Vanilla Lavender Essential Oil Blend

-Baby Essential Oil Blend ---- calming blend of essential oils for both mama and baby - lavender, chamomile, ylang ylang, orange, bergamot

-Orange Essential Oil

-Peppermint Essential Oil

Custom Scent List


These are custom order scents and not available in a shipping window of 1-3 days.


These products should be shipped approximately 7-10 business days after the order is completed.


In the interest of paring down our selections, we have eliminated duplicate scents.  If there is a scent you must have, please contact me! 

-Bergamot & Tarragon    
-Buttercream Cupcake    
-Chamomile EO    
-Cherry Almond    
-China Rain(clean aroma with top notes of fresh rose petals, middle notes of wisteria and cyclmen, bottom notes of sandalwood and vanilla)
-Clothespins (fresh, clean laundry - dried by a warm summer sun on a clear day with gentle breezes)
-Clove EO    
-Crisp & Candied - orange peels, apples, and lemons, clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg
-Eucalyptus EO  
-Grapefruit Mango 
-Hot Apple Pie   
-Lavender Grapefruit EO    
-Lemongrass EO
-Lemongrass Orange EO

-Love on the Beach

-Mango Papaya
-Nag Champa
-Oatmeal Milk & Honey
-Orange EO
-Peppermint Eucalyptus EO
-Peppermint Rosemary EO
-Pink Grapefruit and Sugarcane (grapefruit,cotton candy, honey and a note of vanilla)
-Pomegranate & Ginger
-Sweet Pea (English garden reminiscent of hyacinth, lily of the valley, violets and wild jasmine with a background of light herbal and musky notes)
-Tea Tree EO
-Welcome Home - graham crackers, vanilla frosting, creamy caramel, and juicy raisins
-Ylang YlangEO

Please note: We offer fragrance oils (FOs) and essential oils (EOs) as scents.  Essential oils contain only the distilled essence of a plant and are certainly more gentle then fragrance oils.  Fragrance oils are artificially created fragrances or are diluted with carrier oils and may not offer the therapeutic benefits that essential oils offer.  All of the scents we use are paraben and pthalate free, safe for use on skin, and they come from the best reputable companies. 

Do you need help with a yeast rash? Click here! TOP
My daughter had a ton of yeast rashes when she was little, and has continued to have them intermittently since then - especially during the summer when its hot.

Here are some pointers on how to handle yeast - the worst part about yeast is it's tendency to come back so easily, so I like to deal on the side of caution with yeast and wait longer then I think to put my daughter back in cloth.
was little!)

If the sores aren't open, that you can put a cotton ball of apple cider vinegar on your LO to help with the rash .... and also slather yogurt on it with live cultures to get rid of the rash. 

Anyway, is your LO on nystatin or another rash treatment for the yeast?  I'd probably switch to disposables for a few days (my dr said 7 days!) and do some washing - the yeast can live in the diapers, and they can easily re-introduce the yeast if you don't get it gone (this is what I did... I guess you don't have to switch to disposables, but I didn't want to continue to introduce the yeast to the diapers - I learned this the hard way when my LO was little and she kept getting yeast back!).. 

What I do is-
1- Soak in hot water and bac-out with 10-20 drops of grapefruit seed extract (natural antifungal).
2- Wash in hot with 20 drops of grapefruit seed extract and CC.
3- Do several rinses.
Yeast can be difficult to get rid of once your LO has it ... my doctor said its super common right now, especially if your LO swims or is out in the heat a lot.
4- Sun diapers to dry them.

For your wipes, you can make a solution with tea tree oil, grape seed extract and a little vinegar and water and use that to wipe your LO and that should really help.  :)  Since I've started to recognize the rash easier before it gets bad, I use the rash solution and typically snuff it out before it gets bad! 

Are there other uses for Crunchy Clean? TOP
YES! There are many!

2 Tablespoons in a bucket with 1/4 cup of vinegar makes a GREAT multipurpose cleaner! I clean our ceramic tile floors, the counters, and the kitchen sink with it!

a few Tablespoons (depending on how much you'll need) mixed with dish soap makes a wonderful scrubby cleaner - it needs to be a gritty consistency, and you can wash your tubs and sinks safely without bleach or other unsafe cleaners! :)

Make a pretreater - mix with water and let it sit on stains! OR, mix hot water with a tablespoon or two and let your stains clothes sit for a few hours or overnight!

This works great with the diaper detergent (not regular detergent, because it has soap and sodium borate -horrible for animals!) Sprinkle on and vacuum off. Voila! :) This can also be used as a diaper pail deodorizer!

Can I use Crunchy Clean Diaper Detergent on all of our laundry? TOP
The diaper detergent has safe ingredients for diapers (NO SOAP, ENZYMES OR BORAX) that are really great on organic waste and cleaning your diapers - PLENTY of people us it on all of their clothes with great results (I find I have to be sure to pretreat toddler stains if I use the diaper detergent exclusively), and its certainly easier and more economical to have only one type of detergent.

Need Extra Cleaning? TOP
Are your diapers unusually stinky or dirty?

You can add plain blue Dawn, Biokleen's Bacout, or Simple Green (2-3 squirts) to your wash to boost Crunchy Clean's cleaning ability. 

My favorite of these three is certainly Bacout - you can use it for many things besides your cloth diapers or other laundry!

What are the ingredients? TOP

Diaper Detergent Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Carbonate, Oxygen Cleaner, Fragrance (if you choose scented)
Regular Detergent Ingredients: Soil and Stain Removers in the form of soap, sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, sodium borate, oxygen cleaner, fragrance (if you choose scented)

What is the difference between the regular detergent and the diaper detergent? TOP
The regular detergent has soap in it to give it the extra "OOMPH" of cleaning tough stains as well as a few other ingredients which help with inorganic stains and dirt. The diaper detergent has safe ingredients for diapers (NO SOAP, ENZYMES OR BORAX) that are really great on organic waste and cleaning your diapers.

What about Crunchy Clean and hard water/soft water? TOP
Crunchy Clean was designed with hard water problems in mind, and we've had much success with customers who have tried it with mild-moderate hard water. 
If you have soft water, you may be able to reduce the amount of Crunchy Clean you use.

I get lots of questions on hard water and how to most efficiently/effectively wash diapers/clothes - hard water makes washing anything difficult, including diapers - but with a little bit more effort, it is certainly possible to get your clothes and diapers clean.

First off - what IS hard water?
According to wikipedia, hard water is the type of water that has high mineral content. It consists primarily of calcium, magnesium and other dissolved compounds.

How do you check for hard water?
The simplest way to determine the hardness of water is the lather/froth test: soap, when agitated, lathers easily in soft water but not in hard water.

Why is hard water a problem?
The hardness minerals combine with some soils to form insoluble salts, making them difficult to remove. Soil on clothes can introduce even more hardness minerals into the wash water.
When you combine cloth diapers and hard water, it takes approximately twice as much laundry detergent to clean clothes in hard water as opposed to soft water. So the problems with cloth diapers and hard water becomes obvious. It is difficult to rinse cloth diapers and hard water effectively, so soap scum remains on the diapers.

What should I do to help?
We have a new HARD WATER CRUNCHY CLEAN - specifically designed with ingredients that block the minerals so the cleaning agents can actually CLEAN!  When shopping in our store, go to our regular offerings to see the hard water add-on in each one!  Try it if you have hard water!
Also, see our hard water washing directions HERE.
There are several ideas to help, but depending on the hardness of your water, some may help and others may not - its sort of an experiment to test out what works best for you.
CrunchyClean will not leave build up on your diapers, BUT if you have minerals in your water, the MINERALS can leave build up on your diapers which can cause stink problems.
You can try:

  • adding RLR to strip your diapers of the build up and help clean better
  • adding extra detergent to counteract the minerals in your hard water (start with twice what you have been using)
  • add a water softener - calgon, for instance, helps block the minerals so CrunchyClean can clean better. Most moms find they don't need to add this to every wash, but maybe every 2-3, depending on your hardness level. (This can be found at most major stores).
  • get a water softening unit to soften your water - this can be pricey, but some people with hard water opt for this option

Do you ship internationally? TOP

Absolutely! Crunchy Clean is very heavy, so the shipping is a little bit more expensive. 

Will be shipped via USPS PRIORITY MAIL.  We do not ship samples first class, as we've had too many issues with them not arriving in tact or at all.  Samples can fit in a flat rate envelope or small box FYI, if you want to a sample!  

Shipping rates are as follows (please feel free to proceed with ordering, we'll invoice you for the remainder of the shipping fee upon shipping: if we can fit more in your box, or you have too much we can adjust before we ship to give you options) -

Box Type

Canada and Mexico

Rest of the World




Flat Rate Envelope (holds several samples OR 1 medium size)






Small Flat Rate Box (holds 2 samples OR 1 medium size OR 1 regular size)






Medium Flat Rate Box (holds up to 6 regular/medium sizes, a sampling of other products please email as we can usually be flexible with how much fits in this one weight limit 20 lbs)






Large Flat Rate Box (holds up to 6 regular/medium sizes, a sampling of other products please email as we can usually be flexible with how much fits in this one - weight limit 20 lbs)



Thank you for your patience in receiving your order - our detergent is handmade in small batches to insure freshness and you can expect the USPS to take at least a week, sometimes more  :)

PLEASE CHECK your paypal mailing address BEFORE purchasing to be sure its the correct mailing address.

I have stinky diapers! Can Crunchy Clean help? TOP
We think so! :)  Crunchy Clean's no build up, clean rinsing formula seems to help extremely with customers who have had problems with stinky diapers in the past.
I suggest either stripping your diapers the traditional way, or soaking them in 3-4 tablespoons of Crunchy Clean and hot hot water for a couple of hours when your Crunchy Clean arrives to get the best possible results. 

What are the top selling scents? TOP
Scents definitely depend on your unique preferences, but these are the most popular:
-Monkey Fart
-Lavender Vanilla
-Baby Bee
-Baby Bee Clean
-Grapefruit Essential Oil
-Orange Essential Oil
-Peppermint Eucalyptus EO
-Pomegrante and Ginger

Where can I see feedback? TOP
"I have had so many problems with Ammonia in my diapers ever since we moved more than a year ago. I have been able to reduce it by using a mix of products, but never eliminate it. I'm just finishing my first bag of your detergent, and for the first time in almost 18 months, we're completely ammonia free, and I've been able to reduce or eliminate laundry additives. This is a great product, thanks so much!" - Amanda M.

"I meant amazing!!! I just had to share and feel free to quote me... I was cleaning out my closet and came across one of my husbands favorite shirts. It was white or I should say formerly white but now It had more of a gray cast to it and a pizza stain that was at least 3 years old, maybe 4. I tried everything on it, but nothing worked. I had just about given up on it but into the wash it went anyway. So this morning when I took it out ( I soaked overnight) it was a different shirt. Clean and white and looked brand new. I didn't have high expectations for the stain, I mean after all it was about 4 years old.  But when I looked for the stain in the hopes that it maybe faded a little--it was GONE!!!! Unbelievable!!!

Please don't ever stop making this stuff!!

I love Crunchy Clean!!!!"
- Elisa

Crunchy Clean Etsy Feedback
Crunchy Clean Hyena Cart Feedback

What are your shipping policies? How fast will my order come? TOP

Please check your paypal/google checkout mailing address to be sure it is your correct shipping address -- your order will be delayed if we have to contact you for shipping address confirmation or your order is returned to us. :) 

FedEx Ground Shipping arrives at your doorstep approximately 2-4 business days from the day we ship and IS INSURED.

USPS Shipping arrives at your doorstep approximately 2-3 business days from the day we ship and IS NOT INSURED.

FedEx Smartpost, while often the cheapest, takes the entire 7-10 business days from the day we ship and may not be fully insured.

Will the fragrance oils cause problems with my diapers? TOP
The amount of fragrance oil is extremely EXTREMELY concentrated.  There is less then a drop of fragrance oil per tablespoon of Crunchy Clean. 

Will Crunchy Clean work in my frontloader or high efficiency washing machine? TOP
Absolutely!  :)  Its wonderful because its a no-suds detergent - it won't leave any build up in your machine, it will prevent front-loader stink, and is perfectly compatible.

What about my diaper warranty? Can I use Crunchy Clean? TOP

Some manufacturers have very specific instructions in order to keep your warranty on your diapers.  Bumgenius states:

"You should only use detergents that are free of dyes, enzymes, perfumes, whiteners and brighteners. Using detergents containing these ingredients will cause damage to your diaper including elastic failure and leaking."

Crunchy Clean contains no dyes, enzymes, perfumes, whiteners or brighteners.  If you are in doubt, I suggest ordering the unscented.

My child has extremely sensitive skin or eczema, will Crunchy Clean be okay? TOP
We have had TONS of success with sensitive skinned children, and even children who have eczema.  Both the regular detergent and the diaper detergent are gentle enough, and they don't include any enzymes or optical brighteners to further irritate your child's skin.

I would suggest starting with unscented, as the fragrances oils and even some of the essential oils can be harsh for especially sensitive skin.

Disclaimer TOP
Disclaimer: Crunchy Clean LLC can not be held liable for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from the use of the information provided.  This is for informational purposes only and we make every effort to ensure accuracy and safety in the information provided.

Where do I add powder detergent in my HE machine? TOP

Well, good question!  And frequently asked question! 

Watch my YouTube video here:

How do I wash cloth diapers? TOP
For washers with normal water, I recommend a washing routine like this:

-Shake solids from diapers as soon as possible.
-Wash often - I suggest every other day (the reason for this is if you wait longer, the urine naturally turns to ammonia and it makes it more difficult to get them clean! In addition, the stains will come out better with less sit time!)

Cold Rinse

Hot wash with extra water (if you own a frontloader, I suggest you use a "water plus" or "extra water" feature and 1-3 Tablespoons of Crunchy Clean for cloth diapers.  Adjust this amount accordingly (a frontloader requires less soap then a toploader).

A second rinse is not necessary because Crunchy Clean is clean rinsing, but if you have a child with super sensitive skin or just prefer to rinse its fine!

How do I wash cloth diapers with hard water? TOP

For washers with hard water, I recommend a washing routine like this:

-Shake solids from diapers as soon as possible.
-Wash often - I suggest every other day (the reason for this is if you wait longer, the urine naturally turns to ammonia and it makes it more difficult to get them clean! In addition, the stains will come out better with less sit time!)

Cold Rinse with 1 Tablespoon of Crunchy Clean for hard water.

Hot wash with extra water (if you own a frontloader, I suggest you use a "water plus" or "extra water" feature and 2-5 Tablespoons of Crunchy Clean for cloth diapers.  Adjust the amount you use accordingly, but I do suggest refraining from water softeners like calgon initially.  My goal was for you to be able to wash without a water softener and your clothes and diapers come out CLEAN, but if you have super hard water, you may have to continue to add calgon every few washes.  Don't forget to use super spin if you have the option - its more energy efficient, especially if you machine dry.

If your child has sensitive skin, I suggest a cold rinse with a super spin (more energy efficient=less drying time!).  Otherwise a second rinse is not necessary.

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