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Pure Oxygen - Medium Size
Pure Oxygen
No Additives, No Kidding!

Many oxygen cleaners out on the market come watered down with additives. 

Some diaper experts say you shouldn't use these additive laden oxygen cleaners, simply for the health of your diaper and the sake of sensitive skin. 

We think this is very true! 

In addition, you will find that pure oxygen will whiten faster, leave your dark clothes brighter, kill germs, and leave diapers clean and stain free! 

You will use less, because with every scoop you get more of the good stuff!

Our oxygen cleaners come scent-free, great for sensitive skin!

24 oz of oxygen stain-fighting power included!

Enough for 48 loads of wash!

Use instructions:  For in wash whitening or stain fighting, use 1 oz (2 T) per load.  Soaking, use 1-2 oz (2-4 T) in gallon of water. 

Strip diapers with approximately 1/2 cup oxygen cleaner and very hot water. 

Always test on delicate clothing in an inconspicuous area - hard water washers be sure to test in inconspicuous area: in rare instances, the minerals in your water can cause a chemical reaction with oxygen cleaners.

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