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This was VERY well tested -- we LOVE this recipe to clean anything from carpets to countertops to floors to getting stains out of baby clothes.

It comes in concentrate form as pictured, so feel free to be green and reuse a container, purchase your own, or purchase ours (it comes with a label as well).  The concentrate is cheaper to ship, and additionally can be used for a NUMBER of different uses! 

Only available as of now in a few scents, custom scents aren't available currently. 

This is enough for 6-8 32 ounce bottles of cleaner!! 
Scent:Orange Sparkle Essential Oil Blend (Orange and Lemongrass Blend) (50 in stock)
Peppermint Essential Oil Blend (35 in stock)
Mintrus Essential Oil Blend (Peppermint/Citrus Essential Oil Blend) (50 in stock)

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